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On July 2, 1937 Amelia Earhart, Fred Noonan and the Lockheed Electra they were flying were lost in the Pacific Ocean. Almost as tragic as her loss on that July day is that today, it seems as though that last flight is all she is remembered for. Yet there is so much more.

Amelia Earhart’s life was full of meaning for people both then and now. To draw attention to the balance of that rich life that seems to get overlooked, we are re-creating another one of Amelia’s many record setting flights. This flight was in 1928, nearly a decade earlier than her last. It was her first long solo flight and occurred just as Amelia was coming into the national spotlight. In making the trip she became the first woman to fly solo across the continent and back. She flew it in her Avro Avian, 7083.

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